Are you planning to go on a caravan trip, but the digital TV signals are typically not strong enough? It can be very frustrating when you want to unwind in the evening after a long day in the woods only to find that the TV in the caravan is not working. However, by understating how digital TV signals work, you can increase the strength of your digital TV signals.

What Causes Digital TV Signals To Be Weak

Under the same broadcast conditions, an analogue signal will travel further than a digital one. That's because the environment has a greater effect on digital signals than on analogue ones. Such environmental constraints might be wind, trees, hills, walls and roofs. Some digital signals can be extremely sensitive to the extent that a person walking in front of the signal receiver can reduce the strength of the signal.

Furthermore, a splitter, A/B Switch or RF modulator can also decrease the strength of the digital signal. That's because such devices split the original signal into components. This means the signal that is shown on the TV is not as strong as the one that is received by the antenna.

How To Boost The Signal

The first order of business is to make sure that you are using the correct coaxial cable. With a poor quality cable, a process called attenuation will take place – this simply means that as the signal travels down the cable it loses its original quality. You'll find that coaxial cables come in two different forms: the RG59 and RG6. For maximum signal strength retention you want to make sure that a RG59 is used for connecting the TV unit to the antenna. 

The other more effective way to boost a signal is by using an amplifier, or otherwise known as a TV signal booster. They are present in some antennas, but if your model hasn't got one then you can buy boosters as standalone products. When buying an amplifier look for the db rating to let you know how strong of an amplifier it is. For the purposes of caravan trips a 14db rating should be more than enough to power a signal in the countryside.

Remember that signals can only be amplified if the antenna is receiving a signal at all. When you are in a signal blind spot there is little that you can do.

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