If you are having trouble planning your best friend's buck party, you just need a bit of inspiration. Wondering what will make the evening memorable? Here are five ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. Ridiculous Costumes

It is not uncommon to see ladies wearing bridal veils or other types of costumes on their hens' nights, and you can add this feature to a buck's party as well. Dress up your whole group thematically – whether your theme is the Wiggles or the Village People, it will give your group a sense of ridiculous camaraderie.

Alternatively, just dress up the groom-to-be. Have him spend his last night as a "free" man in a super hero costume, dressed as a banana or whatever outfit you find fitting.

2. Surprise Entertainment

Rather than hiring a dancer to show up at the party, consider staging a show that is a complete surprise for your friend. For example, as you are driving in your car or in the party bus, have a fake runaway bride or a beautiful hitchhiker on the side of the road. You stop the vehicle to see what's going on, but before your friend can guess that it is staged, the dancing and entertainment for the night will be well on its way.

3. Party Bus

Renting a party bus helps to eliminate drinking and driving, ensures that everyone gets home safely and creates a fun spot to hang out between the pubs and clubs. Consider renting a party bus to pick up the party's attendees and drive you around for the night. These busses are available in a range of styles. Whether you want loud dance music, comfy lunging sofas, big screen TVs playing football or fun disco lights, you can usually find a bucks party bus hire that offers that.

4. Adrenaline Rush

If partying isn't your thing, consider getting wild with adrenaline. If your best mate has fallen in love, mirror that feeling and go skydiving for the weekend. If you think he is drowning in passion, schedule some surfing lessons or rent a speed boat. If it's all happening too fast for you, head out to the go-kart tracks, rent some mini motorcycles or do something else that is speedy.

5. Epic Battles

Before your mate takes on the epic journey of marriage, consider inviting him into one last epic battle with the boys. Turn the buck's night into a paintball battle, a strategic water fight at a pool party or a toy gun battle with foam bullets. If you and your friends like traditional "boy" activities, these ideas are perfect.